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Accomplish your goals with my coaching protocol that WORKS.


No more fads, no more short-lived quick fixes.


So many 'coaches' out there do not promote sustainable practices which often puts their clients in a worse off position than where they started!


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No matter your situation and circumstances, I will always tell you how you can make the best of them.


My community is warm, welcoming and casual.


No pretentiousness, no judgement and no pressure.


You can ask me anything at any time of the day and I will respond when I see your questions and queries. You have the option to be public or anonymous. To be anonymous, just click the 'anonymous post' feature before writing out your posts.


Communicate and discuss with me in real time! No need for faffing about on website or app support systems trying to get through to somebody.


1. Add the product to your cart, make your purchase and send me the screenshot of your receipt to getfitwithnatasha1@gmail.com

2. I will send you a link to my Facebook community and you submit a request to join. (You can use your personal account OR an alias account)

3. Start exploring, reading and asking questions in my group. See you there!

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